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AMOUNT RAISED: Rs. 72,26,286 / GOAL: Rs. 60 Lakhs

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“Unni, As in all you do I admire your tenacity and your giving spirit. I wish I could join you for part of your journey. With warm good wishes” – Bob Lawrence

“Dear Unni, It is great what you are going to do. I wish you a very inspiring and healthy bike trip. We will support you all the way!” – Martin Sloot

“Cycling through India with the objective to raise awareness and funds for MSF is IMPRESSIVE! I hope you meet a lot of beautiful people along your way!” – Hanneke Propitius

“You are a great inspiration to everyone. The world definitely needs more people like you. Keep up the good work.” – Ashwin Rumalla

“dear Unni, we all think its amazing what you are going to do and fully support you! We will follow you and just know we are all cheering loudly here in the Amsterdam Communication Department. Good luck!” – Amsterdam Communication Department